Thursday, September 16, 2010

No upper cabinets? No problem!

As I mentioned previously this week, upper cabinets are not a kitchen necessity. In fact, a well-designed kitchen will provide great storage solutions elsewhere, and maximize wall space with other show-stopping elements.

Canadian House & Home

I would gladly trade upper cabinets for this glass tile running up to the ceiling. Check out the entire makeover here.

Or what about a butler's pantry just off of the kitchen? Its a great way to have walls of storage that are unseen from the main kitchen. Don't we all wish we had the space (and the cash) to put one of these in? This one, by Design Galleria even has a secret door!

Design Galleria via Eva Designs

Additionally, with so many base cabinet storage solutions available today, spaces that have traditionally been "wasted" can be well-designed and well-used.

Space corner by Blum

Servo drive by Blum

This clever little device can make all of your drawers "automated". Just a gentle touch on the front surface, and an electronic motor allows the drawer to glide right out.

Take advantage of skinny spaces with these sleek, aluminum pullouts. These ones are by Hafele, are easy to clean and height adjustable for varying bottle sizes.

Check back for more photos and products that make it easy to eliminate the need for upper cabinets!

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