Thursday, June 24, 2010

'Bout time

After much procrastination, I'm finally sitting down to start my very own blog. I refuse to allow the fear of the unknown get the better of me, and know that now is a great time to get to steppin' and enter the wonderful world of blogging. In the time I've spent researching other blogs, I've been overwhelmed with the sense of community that comes from belonging to this network of people. I'm so excited to enter that community, and learn more than I ever thought I could from bloggers, other professionals in my industry, and most importantly, from myself.
I'm a kitchen and bath designer, and I love what I do. Specializing in this field of design has given me the opportunity to get exposure to so many aspects of the design/construction/renovation process, and I'm so grateful to those who have taught me along the way. The more "into" this career I get, the more I realize how far we've come in the way we do life, and how we have the ability--now more than ever before--to truly customize our experience as it relates to the spaces we live in. Below is the White House kitchen circa 1920--note the utilitarian pot rack, work tables and lovely ribbing and rivets on the metal hood. Also note the extensive use of white subway tile.

In the world of kitchen and bath design, form truly follows function. These are the spaces where we are spending the majority of our time in the home, and practically speaking, they need to serve a large variety of functions in order to sustain the home's inhabitants. Fortunately for designers and homeowners however, the gap that has existed between form and function continues to dramatically decrease, and we now have the luxury of a space that not only functions with maximum efficiency, but speaks out as a beautiful feature within the home. This kitchen, by Mick De Giulio re-imagines traditional elements and translates them into modern-day luxury. Note the lighted pot rack, mirrored leaded glass, and expansive sliding marble backsplash--just a few of the custom details that make this a gorgeous kitchen.

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  1. Very nice kitchen. Where can I by this lighted pot rack?